Landscaping is important for the appearance and value of the property. The front and backyard both matter, and below are ten ideas for landscape and design.

1. Create a Path with Stones
A beautiful stone path can appear very inviting for a front or backyard. A path leading to the house or through a flower garden creates a welcoming feeling for visitors and homeowners alike. By the Blade lawn services, Kansas City has many options for your stone path.

2. Set up an Outdoor Dining Area
Expanding your eating area to the outdoors makes your living space seem much bigger. Finding the open air space that is well shaded from the sun’s intensity is strategic for creating a comfortable outdoor dining area. Our KC landscaping and outdoor living company will guide you in the right direction.

3. A Fire Pit is a Warm Addition to any Yard
By incorporating a fire pit in your outdoor environment you provide the opportunity for festive gatherings and quality time with family and friends. If designed well a fire pit will look pretty and increase the desirability of your outdoor space. By the Blade KC has various design options to choose from.

4. Plant Flowers Along The Driveway
Make a good first impression with flowers along the driveway or walkway leading up to the front door. Luxury landscaping Kansas City will plant the right flowers for the right season and make a big statement for your front yard.

5. Bring in Plants to Border the House
Shrubs and trees can be lined around the front, sides, or back of the house to provide privacy and beauty, complimenting any house that needs a little more life and obscurity. Ask our lawn and landscaping company in Kansas City for the best options based on your particular style of home.

6. Build Vegetable and Herb Gardens
Little garden beds in the backyard will not only look great, but they will also be a practical food source for complimenting the family meal. A good Kansas City landscaping service can provide the advice and guidance needed in order to grow your very own garden successfully.

7. Put in a Stunning Pool
One of the most stunning features to put in the yard is an inground pool in Kansas City. Offering hours upon hours of fun and leisure a pool is a perfect way to keep family and friends coming back to your house for celebrations. Choosing a company that does good quality work with inground pools is not that easy to find. By the Blade Kansas City has the references you need in order to feel confident about their inground pool experience. They are a landscaping company that specializes in designing outdoor living spaces that make their clients proud.

8. Plant Beautiful Trees
Call your local Kansas City lawn and landscaping company to help you decide which trees to plant in your yard. It is important to choose the right trees that will not grow to overpower your yard and trees that will flourish in your specific outdoor environment.

9. Plant Hedges for Added Privacy
Another way to increase the security and comfort of your outdoor home environment is to install shrubs and bushes along the property line or border of your yard. Designing this border strategically can be a cumbersome task but By the Blade Landscaping is well equipped to assist you in your shrubbery planning.

10. Add Sculptures for Point of Interest and Character
Some shop outdoor art pieces and others enjoy rock or cement garden sculptures to add to their driveway entrance, front yard, or entertainment space in the back. Luxury landscaping with By the Blade in Kansas City will never disappoint as they have the resources you need in order to find just the right sculpture you’ve been looking for.

Everyone who needs landscaping services in Kansas City can count on By The Blade. Our company does quality conscientious work, taking care of all the details so that homeowners can have beautiful yards with needless effort on their part. Call today to speak with one of our landscaping specialists 816-505-0444.