Professional Experience, Proper Equipment Yields Best Results

Unsure about the health of your trees or when, why and how they should be trimmed? Let us help!

“Now is the time for intermediate or major tree trimming, during the dormant season which is generally early December through mid-March,” said Chief Ambassador of Outdoor Living Patrick Vogt. “Trimming trees outside of these months can do more harm than good by spreading disease or exposing them to insects.”

Properly trimmed trees are set up for optimal health by increasing air flow, exposure to sunlight and flower production. Tree structures are able to grow stronger when dead, broken and diseased branches are pruned away. An improperly trimmed tree can contribute to a weak structure, unnatural growth, and if exposed to disease or insects, the death of a tree.

“Also, never underestimate the dangers of tree trimming, especially trees that are located near power lines with large, heavy limbs,” said Vogt. “Let the professionals with the right equipment and expertise help.”

If the health and appearance of your trees are of concern to you, please contact us today for a complimentary assessment and service options.