With school starting back up and the summer months waning, the health of lawns in Kansas City typically gets forgotten. But as companies that specialize in landscaping Kansas City know, the last weeks of summer are when homeowners need to think about their lawn’s fall maintenance schedule. The key to a beautiful, healthy lawn is year-round maintenance. Leaves will soon be falling. Winter will be hot on their heels.

It’s easy to understand why many people think that lawn maintenance will soon be through for the year. But early autumn is actually when some crucial lawn care should be happening.lawn care Kansas City

That’s why hiring a landscaping firm to help put properties to bed for the fall can be very helpful. Read on to learn more about how a firm that provides lawn care Kansas City now can make all the difference come the spring.

Why Does A Lawn Need Fall Maintenance?

September is an important month for lawn care. It’s summer’s last gasp for plants. Everything is still nice and green. There’s still new growth occurring. But it’s not quite as enthusiastic as it was a few months earlier.

This means that lawn care providers can catch up to and overtake “undesirable” (weeds) plants trying to take over a lawn. Weeds that establish a “roothold” now guarantee a lawn with more leafy plants than grass in the future. Lawn experts can help with this by using safe and effective herbicides to eliminate broad leafed plants.

They can also help a lawn with its thatch. Thatch is a problem many homeowners are unaware that they have. It consists of grass clippings and other lawn debris that’s often hidden under grass. When homeowners mow over it, they spread thatch rather than remove it.

Just as dirt and oil can block human skin pores and cause problems, so can accumulated thatch on lawns. Thatch won’t give a lawn blackheads, of course. But if allowed to accumulate to over half an inch in depth, thatch interferes with moisture absorption and causes root death.

To a degree, thatch can be raked and removed by hand. But deeper thatch needs special equipment for effective removal. The right company specializing in lawn care Kansas City can help homeowners determine the thatch plan that’s best for their lawn.

Maintenance Your Lawn Needs This Fall

Your lawn’s fall maintenance doesn’t end with weeding and dethatching. Your September lawn schedule should include:

  • soil aeration
  • lawn overseeding
  • fertilization
  • additional weed/grub control, as-needed

August through October is also a good time to address lawn pests such as white grubs. A company that specializes in lawn care Kansas City is a great choice for selecting and disseminating pesticides.

And don’t forget other lawn maintenance that a landscaping company can help with this fall, such as leaf raking, tree limb removal, and lawn repair. With the help of such a company, homeowners get to enjoy what’s left of the summer. And their lawns get to look forward to next spring.