Make Outdoor Living Part Of Everyday Life

There are no walls or corners in a home. It reaches to the blue sky above an afternoon barbeque; it envelopes the lush grass between your child’s bare toes. Our most peaceful spaces aren’t made from brick and mortar. They’re built on decks of natural stone, near freshwater ponds, or in the shade of enduring trees. This is Outdoor Living at its purest. And we are its ambassadors.

Get Back To Nature

We offer all of the basic landscaping services and much more.

Look Beneath The Surface

And we’re useful when it comes to inside maintenance too.

Choose The Scenic Route

Just imagine. You could be splashing around the hot tub right now.

Step Off The Beaten Path

It seems as if we’ve all been programmed that the only acceptable way to take a break from the daily grind and regenerate is by scheduling a getaway that can only take place once a year — most often in a natural outdoor paradise someplace far from home. Knowing that time with Mother Nature nurtures the human spirit like nothing else.

People are bound for just a week or two of much-needed renewal, and that’s supposed to get everyone through until next year’s vacation rolls around. This becomes even more perplexing when you consider the wealth of natural wonders surrounding us every day.  At By The Blade, a KC landscaping company, we’re firm believers that breaking with tradition can be a good thing.

We’re determined to help more families experience Outdoor Living right in their own, private naturescapes all through the year. We’ll create the setting, and we’ll also free up more of your time to enjoy it. We can accomplish this in a number of ways, all tailored to your unique preferences.

Turn Over A New Leaf

The prospect is more realistic than you think. In fact, what you’ve spent in family vacations for the last five years would’ve created a pretty amazing KC landscaping paradise. So, before you keep spending a fortune on that fleeting annual holiday, contact By The Blade. It’s time to start fresh and invest in an inviting destination that feeds the soul year-round — season after season.