Enjoy the Beauty of Premium Landscaping and Lawn Care Services in Lenexa

At By The Blade, we make your outdoor dreams come true. Take a look at our comprehensive landscaping and lawn services in Lenexa that will provide the utmost appeal and functionality for your property in Lenexa.

Landscaping Services in Lenexa

Custom Decks

Elevate your outdoor living space with a customized deck crafted and assembled by our team of professionals. Whether you need a cozy backyard retreat or a lucrative entertainment area, our skilled experts construct rugged decks that blend seamlessly with your current landscape. A new deck provides the perfect setting for gatherings and relaxation. By adding a custom deck to your home, you’ll immediately increase your home’s livable space and raise its value.


Nourish and protect your garden with our premium mulching solutions. Our eco-friendly mulch not only boosts the aesthetic appeal but also enriches the soil, conserves moisture, suppresses weeds, and ensures the vitality of your plants. As an experienced Lenexa landscaping company, our team at By The Blade knows how critical mulch is when it comes to having healthy plants and greenery.

Flowers, Plants, and Greenery

Transform your landscaping into a vibrant assortment of plants, flowers, and greenery. From gorgeous roses to native wildflowers, our pros design breathtaking gardens that bloom throughout all seasons, creating a gorgeous oasis that suits your taste. With help from By The Blade, a premier lawn and landscaping company in Lenexa, your flowers will be the talk of the whole block.

Custom Outdoor Kitchens

Take your outdoor culinary experiences to the next level with our customized outdoor kitchens. From personalized grilling stations to cooking spaces with everything you need, we blend style with practicality. Our outdoor kitchens allow you to savor delicious meals while being fully engulfed in the beauty of your landscape. Spacious countertops, smokers, outdoor refrigerators – you can have it all! At By The Blade, we can create an outdoor kitchen that will make your boring indoor kitchen very jealous!

Professional Outdoor Lighting

Illuminate your landscaping features after sunset with our expertly designed lighting solutions for your outdoor space. Highlight gardens, pathways, architectural features, and more. We’ll install strategically placed lights to add a magical touch to your home’s exterior. Our lighting experts will provide valuable advice on the exact location to install your new lighting. This will ensure that you get the best and brightest display possible.

Assortment of Rocks

Add a touch of natural elegance with our extensive selection of landscaping rocks. From pebble pathways that guide your steps, to decorative boulders that anchor your garden, our rockscapes create stunning focal points while offering amazing beauty. As one of the premier landscaping services in Lenexa, we offer an unbeatable selection of rocks that is sure to fit your needs.

Rugged, Yet Beautiful, Retaining Walls

Crafting beauty and function, our retaining walls provide durability along with aesthetic appeal. Our experts use a variety of materials to create visually appealing walls that display tiered gardens, control erosion, and level uneven terrain. As a homeowner, you’ll be overjoyed once you see a strong and sturdy retaining wall surrounding your home. Our pros at By The Blade, a dependable Lenexa landscaping company, can build the ideal retaining wall to add the perfect touch to any outdoor space.