“By wisdom a house is built,
and through understanding it is established.”


In residential landscaping, there is no distinction between house and lawn. All exterior space blends in harmony, into elements of nature we call home.

Because of our philosophy, we provide Total Exterior Management service for every aspect of your property. And now we offer the same level of valet service for the house itself.

With Home Maintenance Services, you can book a 20-year home construction expert to perform tasks you can’t or don’t have time to accomplish.

We offer a helping hand for everything from deck and pergola construction to fence and shutter repair to changing lightbulbs to moving heavy boxes and furniture. We don’t mind getting a little unglamorous if need be, if your kitchen sink or bathtub needs repairing. Hire us on an as-needed basis or schedule a regular appointment like you would with a housekeeper.
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Faucet/Fixture Repair

Caulk & Grout

Tile Repair

Flooring Repair


Door Repair

Paint and Drywall Repair

Deck Installation

Deck Repair/Sealing

Gutter Repair/Cleaning

Downspout Repair

Siding and Trim Repair

Painting Touch Ups

Door Repair

Pet Door Installation

Window Repair

Patio Design/Construction

Insulation and Weather Stripping

Holiday Decorations

Hard to Reach Light Bulbs

Check Smoke and CO Detectors

Filter Replacement

Shelving Installation

Organizer Installation

Paint and Drywall Repair

Door Repair

Furniture Assembly

Window Installation

Painting/Mirror Hanging

Moulding/Trim Repair

Cabinetry Repair

Paint and Drywall Repair

Flooring and

Tile Repair

Backsplash Installation

Caulk & Grout

Door Repair

Faucet Repair


Shelving Installation

Door Maintenance

Floor sealing

Light Bulb Replacement

Stair Installation/Repair

Dryer Vent Cleaning