Get Back To Nature

We offer all of the basic Kansas City lawn services, like mowing and trimming the lawn, as well as planting and pruning trees and shrubs. We can further enhance your lawnscape with a combination of scents, colors and textures certain to captivate the senses — using seasonal flowers, decorative plants, ornamental grasses, mulch and accents of natural stone. While we’re transforming your surroundings, we’ll also be applying fertilizer and any necessary treatments at the optimal times. And we’re always keeping an eye out for any signs of fungal infection, disease or pest infestation, so we can address any concerns before they become real issues.

“One does not grow a landscape overnight;
But season by season, blade by blade.”

Landscape Services

Our award-winning design team brings 22 years of experience to By The Blade. Years spent with hands in the dirt, not just at a university desk. Our landscapers have worked in the industry, so they know how to build what they create. By focusing first on getting the design right, they know if it will work practically, not just on paper. So design and construction really are inseparable. And we guarantee both at the highest level.

Flowers, plants, trees, and other greenery




Retaining Walls

Outdoor Kitchens

Fire Pits

Outdoor Lighting

Essential water systems to help green spaces grow. Our irrigation systems are all customized for each client and their environmental conditions.



Backflow Testing




Irrigation Maintenance Plans
Illuminate your nightscape for an entirely new perspective on nature. By The Blade’s outdoor lighting experts can design a lighting system that extends boundaries and enhances the Outdoor Living experience all through the night.

Energy Saving, State-of-the-art LED Outdoor Lighting Systems

  • Landscape
  • Pool
  • Sauna
  • Spa
  • Deck/Patio
  • Natural Water Feature
  • Outdoor Kitchen
Color Changing

Smartphone/Tablet Operation


Upgrade Existing System


There is artistry in the angle of grass, the shape of trees … the perfectly symmetrical row of hedges. We shape nature, just as nature shapes us. Our lawn programs are all customized for each client and their unique environmental conditions.




Yard clean-up

Fertilizing treatments

Total Exterior Management

We create and manage custom environments that enrich our clients’ lives. Your family needs time to enjoy nature — by living in it, not working in it. That’s why we offer Total Exterior Management, a valet service that maintains every aspect of your outdoor environs. Gutters, decks, driveways, swimming pools, shutters and drainpipes–if it breaks, we’ll restore it to its original beauty and order. Contact us about Total Exterior Management, and let us introduce you to the luxuries of nature.