Lawn Care Services in Parkville: 4 Amazing Grass Types for Your Lawn — It can be difficult to decide which type of grass to plant in your Parkville area lawn, particularly if you want to grow grass in the shade. As one of the top lawn care services in Parkville, our team at By The Blade says there are advantages and disadvantages to various varieties. By The Blade, a leading landscaping Company in Parkville, selected the top four grass varieties that thrive in our climate, shaded spots, and hardiness zones. After reading this, we hope to make your decision a little easier.

Lawn Care Services in Parkville: What Is The Hardiness Zone for Parkville?

Parkville is located in Climate Zone 1, per Sal Vaglica of This Old House Magazine’s recommendations, and in Hardiness Zone 5b, per the National Gardening Association’s USDA Hardiness Zone Finder. Originally, hardiness zone maps were created to assist avid gardeners in identifying the plants that would thrive in various climates. The best plants to grow in your lawn, including grasses, will depend on the climate and zone that your lawn is in. Professional lawn care services in Parkville can definitely help.

For optimal results, whether you’re in Kansas or Missouri, you should sow grass seed in the early fall or as dormant seed in the winter. Warm-weather grasses thrive in climates with warmer summers and winters, while cool-weather grasses do best in regions with milder summers and winters. Cool-weather grasses are usually the best choice for Parkville lawns. Now for the differences…

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Lawn Care Services Parkville: Which Grass Type Is Best for Your Lawn?

There are four types of grass to think about:

  • Tall fescue
  • Bluegrass in Kentucky
  • Zoysia
  • Buffalo Grass

All four of these varieties do well, according to American Lawns, in the “transition zone,” which is home to hardiness zone 5b. But each has advantages and disadvantages.

As one of the top lawn care services in Parkville, we want to help you make an informed choice about what to plant in your lawn. Your decision can be aided by comparing the options.

Tall Fescue Grass

For lawns with patches of shade, tall fescue, a cool-season grass that grows in bunches, is perfect.


  • Forms a lush covering even in areas partially shaded from direct sunlight when sewn tightly.
  • Minimal upkeep endures heat, drought, and light traffic


  • Lawn care services in Parkville want you to know that it is not resilient in extremely cold weather
  • Bald spots caused by bunch formation may require periodic resowing.

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Kentucky Bluegrass

The spreading nature of Kentucky bluegrass gives it a significant advantage over other cool-season grasses.


  • Incredibly thorough covering
  • Withstands drought conditions well because of its extensive root system
  • Reduced growth calls for less mowing


  • Becomes straw-colored when exposed to prolonged periods of extreme dryness
  • Is able to spread its long roots into nearby lawns.

Zoysia Grass

Dense, warm-season zoysia grass can produce a lawn that appears lush and well-kept.


  • Because it spreads readily, it’s the perfect way to restore growth in thin or bald areas.
  • Can endure extremely cold or extremely hot temperatures by going into dormancy when bad weather strikes.


  • It requires a lot of sun and water in dry conditions, so it is not appropriate for places with shade.
  • Compared to other grass species, maintenance is more intensive because of its shorter root systems, which prevent it from drawing from deep groundwater.
  • Lawn maintenance is difficult. Different types of grass will address your specific problems, depending on whether your lawn experiences heavy traffic, receives both sun and shade, or is being thinned out in certain areas. It is sometimes advised to use a combination of two kinds of grass.

Buffalo Grass

Buffalo grass is a resilient, warm-season grass that can create a lush and low-maintenance lawn.


  • Drought-tolerant, requiring less water once established.
  • Thrives in a wide range of soil types and climates.
  • Ideal for regions with hot summers and cold winters.


  • Grows best in full sun, making it less suitable for shaded areas.
  • Slower to establish compared to other grasses.
  • Can be susceptible to weed invasion during the establishment phase.

As one of the top lawn care services in Parkville, we want to say that choosing the right type of grass depends on specific lawn conditions, including sunlight exposure, traffic levels, and soil type. Combining different grass species might be the best solution to address various lawn issues.

At By The Blade, we offer expert advice and services for selecting, installing, and maintaining the right type of grass for your lawn. Our team of professionals has years of experience in creating beautiful and healthy lawns that can withstand any challenges.

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