Irrigation System Start-up

Warmer weather is just around the corner, and now is the time to schedule your irrigation system startup and backflow testing services.  An irrigation technician is trained to properly start-up systems by checking for leaks, repairing and replacing broken or missing parts, reassembling backflow devices, installing rain gauges and programming the controller to optimize water usage.  Also, only a licensed technician may test a backflow for municipal reporting purposes. If thinking about purchasing a new irrigation system, spring is an excellent time to speak to a lawn and landscape company about planning the installation.

Spring Clean-ups Are Vital to Tree and Plant Health

By The Blade Landscaping KC is tops when it comes to spring clean-ups with a keen focus on plant and tree health.  Why? Think 80/20: 80% preparation and clean-up; 20% mulch. Anyone can put down mulch, but it’s the preparation, attention to debris removal, and quality mulch that elevates us above our competitors.

THE OTHER GUY Landscaping KC

  • Performed by a machine to a lesser degree/quality
  • May not do/know what to prune or how
  • May not do/know what to cut or how
  • May not do/cover debris with mulch
  • Applies a dusting to 2” of mulch over debris
  • Blows in mulch
  • Top dressed, leaving layer upon layer of old mulch 

BY THE BLADE Landscaping KC

  • Artisan laborers edge all beds by hand to create deep, clean edges
  • Expertly prunes all shrubs & ornamental trees
  • All grasses and perennials cleanly cut, debris removed
  • All pruning debris is blown out and hauled away
  • Applies high-quality, dyed mulch by hand at 2-4” thickness
  • Meticulously spreads mulch evenly by hand
  • Old mulch removed and hauled away