When trying to decide what kind of pool to install in your outdoor living area it is important to know the facts about the three most popular types of inground pools.

Vinyl Liner Pools

There are a few great advantages to vinyl liner pools. Cost, installation time, and design variability. A vinyl inground pool can take as little as two weeks to install and is the most affordable choice when your pool design budget is tight. Every pool is different depending upon shape and size but the price range for a vinyl liner inground pool is generally between 45,000 and 65,000 to install and approximately 12,000 in maintenance over the period of 10 years. This is where the downside comes in-eventually a vinyl liner pool will leak and on average the liner will need to be replaced within 15 years. Also, since the liner is designed with wall panels that are fastened with either steel or aluminum this does make this type of pool not conducive for the use of saltwater because of rust potential and also many feel that the panels are not as aesthetically pleasing. Although, another benefit to this type of pool is the flexibility in choices of shape and size of the pool. Whether you like square, round, or the shape of a cloverleaf- you design it, you can have it with a vinyl liner pool.

Concrete Pools

The installation of a concrete pool involves the excavation of a hole for the pool, steel rebar, webbing, and concrete to create a shell followed by a plaster finish. Concrete pools can be created into any shape that the designer can imagine which is one of the greatest advantages. Although the price point can be much higher due to the freedom of design, concrete pools are beautiful and longer-lasting. Where the challenges come in with the concrete pool is the upkeep and cleaning of the tile and porous surface over the years. This requires the use of more chemicals and likely the hiring of a pool care professional to combat the build-up or staining nature of algae. Another fact to keep in mind is that a concrete inground pool may take longer to install from start to finish depending on how complicated the design. Choosing By the Blade KC with your luxury landscaping and pool installation will add peace of mind to a project of this magnitude.

Fiberglass Pools

The greatest advantage of the fiberglass pool is its practicality when it comes to maintenance. Fiberglass pools are made out of a material that has a nonporous gel coat so algae does not form as easily and cleaning chemicals work more efficiently. Installation is fairly quick and the low cost of ownership over the lifetime of the pool saves money year to year as there is no need to acid wash, replace liners or refinish the surface.

In conclusion, choosing the right inground pool for your outdoor living space depends heavily on how intricate the design and how much money you have to spend over the lifetime of the pool. Bottom line, you can trust the design expertise and experience of By the Blade Luxury Landscaping KC for your inground pool installation. Call today to speak with one of our outdoor living design specialists 816 505-0444.