By The Blade Lawn & Landscape knows an inground pool offers many hours of fun. If you are thinking about installing inground pools anywhere in the Kansas City area, there are several factors you will want to take into account. For starters, let’s go with design and zoning. The right kind of design makes the pool much easier to access and use and is imperative. It’s also necessary to think about regional zoning codes, HOA rules, or ordinances before you even begin. By The Blade Lawn & Landscape has designed, managed and installed many inground pool projects for Kansas City homeowners so diving right into the details, the design.

The Overall Design 

Design is crucial when it comes to pools. By The Blade Lawn & Landscape specializes in outdoor living space design and in order to make the pool come together and work as one extension of the home, outdoor kitchen, decks and yard, first comes the measurements, usage, and budget considerations. Think about the kind of shape you want as and if you have adequate room to do so. For example, a circular pool is a good choice for those who want a classic design. A unique shape like a star or triangle can add a bit of interest and make your design stand out. You’ll also want to think the kind of decking you’re going to put in. Many people find it ideal to leave at least some space to keep a few tables and chairs to lounge around on a hot day after your swim. You also want to think about the entire lot. The pool should fit in a place where you can reach it easily. It’s also best to keep it away from large groves of trees and other forms of greenery. They can dump leaves in and clog up the filter. Pool usage and intent are top of mind when it comes to the design pertaining to safety, zero-depth entry, deep end depth, diving boards, water slides, waterfall features and any other pool party and patron user wants to design the dream inground pool. Once all this preliminary information gathering is ready, By The Blade Lawn & Landscape pool architects will design the pool to spec ready to present plans for the permit phase.

Seasonal Timing 

The local climate of course is in play in Kansas City when it comes to pool installation. Many homeowners make plans to get things started in early spring. After the winter thaw and all snow is clear, the ground is generally ready for the first phase of excavation for the inground pool. Homeowners want the maximum use of the pool seasonally as Kansas City heads into the hot weather, and winter is a good time for planning and readiness for the Spring pool project. 

Local Zoning Codes 

Zoning codes differ from place to place. By The Blade Lawn & Landscape will find out what you have to do before you begin by contacting local city hall and permit requirements. Proper advanced permits avoid issues and make sure the process of pool installation flows without a problem.