Oh, the joy of the deck! The grill, lounge chairs, hopefully the view and in many cases, the most popular place at home to relax. This is where people retire to at the end of a long day, watch the sunrise and sunset, eat and extend the living space of the home dramatically. This is where friends often come for a fun Sunday brunch or informal gathering to celebrate a special day. If you are thinking about adding a deck or redoing an existing structure, you’ll find lots of choices on the market today. By The Blade Lawn & Landscape specializes in deck design and has won many awards for the outdoor luxury landscape and deck design features that have been built. One popular choice that many people choose today is that of a composite deck. There are so many advantages to using a composite deck and in particular with Kansas City (KC) residents, the KC seasons can be very dramatic in temperature swings, sun and heat, to wind, rain and snow, all which take their toll on the traditional deck. Homeowners will appreciate the fact that composite decking does not rot over the long term and is aesthetically pleasing. Homeowners love how the composite deck material looks like wood, easy to install and makes use of materials that are being recycled. 

Does Not Rot 

Putting a wood deck means that the wood is exposed to the elements. In as little as a few months, the brand-new deck may start to fade, break down coatings and the deterioration process begins. This will increase over time and overall cost of this kind of deck based on upkeep, maintenance, life cycle and replacement costs are much higher in the long run than the cost of composite decks. Using a composite deck does generally costs more initially, However, the composite deck costs when compared to traditional wood decks, are generally lower because once installed, the deck will not need to be replaced for a much longer life cycle compared to a wooden deck. 

Composite Deck Installation & Benefits

Another advantage of this kind of deck is that it is easy to install. These materials are much lighter than standard deck materials. This means the material can get it in place quickly and easier to handle and By The Blade Lawn & Landscape follows local standards of care, install and ordinances when installing composite decks.

The composite deck, while lighter and more durable, has the advantage of looking like wood. This kind of wood look can change the entire backyard look to a desirable, luxury outdoor living space and experience. Low maintenance of composite deck material comes to the rescue with all the beauty of wood without the high maintenance costs. 

Composite decks are easy on the environment and made from recycled materials such as sawdust and plastic bags and other items that would ordinarily end up in landfills. 

So what are you waiting for? By The Blade Lawn & Landscape is a premiere deck material vendor, KC deck designer and composite deck builder ready to meet with you about your dream deck.