It’s March, 2020 and half the country is still buried in snow, and the groundhog’s shadow may have told us we have to wait six more weeks until spring decides to show up in some places but Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow this year – so legend says we’re in for an early spring (so we hope!). But eventually, the snow will melt, and you will be left with a muddy lawn or landscape to tackle either on your own or with your local lawn and landscaping professionals.

Great landscaping now sets up your lawn or landscape for a successful spring and summer. Whether you’re working with a By the Blade KC professional or getting your own hands dirty this winter, here are seven tips to ensure this year’s warm seasons will be your best yet.

  1. Spring cleaning

Hopefully you’ve already removed any fall debris, like leaves, in the fall. If not, no worries! A deep raking will do just fine to remove the leaves, other debris, and any grass that may have died during the winter months.

  1. Inspect

Examine your property and search for any bare or brown spots that may require attention. This is also a good time to inspect any equipment of your own and make sure it’s in working order.

  1. Reseed

Following the winter season, your landscape may be left with some bare spots. To prevent weeds from filling those spaces, be sure to fill any voids with new grass seed.

  1. Mow

Once the weather is finally warm enough, rendering temperatures to remain above 50 degrees, grass will begin to sprout. New growth requires mowing. Leave your blade on a higher setting to avoid cutting too short. Avoid cutting lower than 2.5 inches as removing this much of the grass leaf is actually harmful. Longer blades allow for longer and deeper roots which are able to absorb more nutrients, producing a vibrant and healthy lawn.

  1. Edge

Edging your lawn offers a clean look that improves the appearance of your landscape. Edging will also prevent overgrowth onto walking areas or flower beds which can become a sore thumb of an otherwise beautiful landscape!

  1. Feed

Fertilizer is like a multivitamin for your lawn and plants; it helps them grow lush. Use a soil test to figure out the exact type of fertilizer to use. Soil tests are available at your local home store. They range in price from $10-$20 and are simple to use.

Fertilizer is a multivitamin for the grass and other plants in your landscape. Try a soil test to determine which kind of fertilizer will be best for your lawn. Soil tests can be found at any local home store.

  1. Weed

Get ahead of the weeds by using a pre-emergent herbicide now, before it’s a problem. This kind of weed killer is preventative and can stop those pesky eye sores before they even show up!

Want to learn more? Call and consult your local lawn and landscaping company, By the Blade KC, today!