By the Blade Helps Homeowners with More Than Landscaping – Home Maintenance

If you’re a homeowner you know there is a lot more to maintaining a house than cutting the grass. The interior and exterior of a house needs constant attention and for most people there isn’t enough time in the day to take care of it.

Keeping up with maintenance regularly prevents issues from getting worse and in the long run, costing more to repair.

Exterior Home Maintenance

Weather stripping, for example is a chore that can easily be handled now during the summer so your home is ready when winter comes again. Lights that are not functioning are also much easier to take care of when the weather is mild. Gutter cleaning and repair is another job that is best done this time of year and it’s something that shouldn’t be handled by someone who isn’t trained to work on ladders.

By the Blade has a team of trained staff members who take care of the above issues as well as fixing inoperative windows, paint touch-ups, sealcoating decks, and repairing doors.

Inside the House

People have a tendency to make lists, and then they never get around to tackling the issues on the list or better, they lose the list!

Smoke detectors, ceiling fans, burned out bulbs in high places, broken cabinet doors, and shelves that are falling down are examples of things that really need to be taken care of right away. The sooner everything is in good order the better, and the safer.

Closets are a dilemma for most people because they’re so hard to organize. We can do that for you.

Calking and sealing in the bathroom or kitchen is not only a way to make the rooms more attractive, it will prevent slow damage from water leaks, which is actually one of the most expensive forms of damage to all homes.

Aging stairs and loose railings down to the basement are very common sources for serious falls in homes, sometimes causing injuries. We can make those things safe for you.

Home Maintenance in Kansas City

The By the Blade Home Maintenance Staff is qualified to handle these kind of maintenance issues and repairs and many more.

If you have a list, or you need a home inspection to find what is truly needed to keep your home running right, give us a call at 816-505-0444 is the number to call if you’d like to speak with someone about your list or for a complimentary inspection.