It’s time to prepare for winter

Fall Services Now Under Way

Fall lawncare and irrigation system shut-down services are now under way.

Mowing: the last two mows of the season are scheduled for the weeks of Nov. 5 and 19. As
grass is still growing, we will gradually decrease the mow heights during each mow to prepare
lawns for winter.

Fertilization: winter fertilization treatments will be applied mid-November through the end of
December. This feeding provides nutrients for winter survival and stimulates healthy root
system growth in the spring.

Leaf and fall clean-ups: leaf and fall clean-ups will begin the week of Nov. 26.

Irrigation System Winterization: along with the leaves, temperatures are beginning to fall.
Intermittent lows in the 30’s are not cold enough to damage sprinkler systems just yet;
however, now is the time to schedule a shut-down to protect your system from prolonged
freezing temperatures.

Please call 816.505.0444, text or e-mail us today to schedule any new fall service. Our
remaining appointments for irrigation shut down service through Nov. 30 are filling fast.