Beauty and Durability Combine for a Valuable Addition to Your Home

Summer is just heating up and people are spending more time cooking, relaxing, and enjoying life outdoors. Having a steady, sturdy, and attractive deck enhances the experience and also adds value to your home.

Composite deck materials have been developed to outlast wood decks and By the Blade is proud to offer deck systems from TimberTech, the leading manufacturer of composite decks in the nation:

As the outdoor living division of AZEK Building Products, TimberTech is going against the grain by being innovative to our core, relentless about quality and ever focused on making the best products without harming our planet. Expertly designed to replace wood, metal and other building materials, our products are revolutionary without sacrificing style or quality.

What are some of the advantages of an outdoor composite deck?

Durability – Composite decks last long, resist fading, cracking, mold, and they will not rot. No splinters means it’s safer for everyone, especially kids.

Low Maintenance – No sanding, staining, or painting, just a soap and water cleaning every now and then will keep your deck in beautiful shape. Ask us about a 25-year Fade and Stain Warranty on Trex decking.

Appearance – With a wide range of colors, you can find the look that compliments the look that fits you and your home. We can even help you design a deck with different shades that combine to make a unique and appealing surface.

Sustainability – Composite decks look like wood but they’re not. No trees are destroyed, in fact recycled products go into the manufacturing of composite deck materials.

Value – The initial cost of a composite deck may be more than wood, but in the long run it usually saves the homeowner money.

In a National Association of Realtors/National Association of Landscape Professionals study, a new deck will recover 106% of its original cost when the home is sold.

TimberTech Decks in Kansas City

If you’re not sure about investing in a new deck for your home, we’re here to answer your questions. We can help with planning, designing, and even financing a new deck and if you decide to move forward we make the construction process as smooth and seamless as possible. 816-505-0444 is the number to call if you’d like to speak with a deck expert on our staff.