Spring Clean UpSpring is here! We’re excited to see sprouting tulips, daffodils and green lawns!

An overview of this season’s services:

Lawn Care Applications began March 8 and will continue year-round. The first application – a high-quality granular fertilizer is expertly applied to shaded areas, along with a fertilizer plus pre-emergent to sunny areas to promote root health, growth and crabgrass prevention. It takes about 6 weeks, weather permitting, to complete this first round for all customers, so if you haven’t already, expect to see us soon. We’ll leave a lawn marker or door sticker on the day we’ve completed service.

Our 7-step application program* is as follows:

Early Spring (March-April): early spring fertilizer with pre-emergent (Step 1)
Spring (April-May): late-spring fertilizer + broadleaf weed control (Steps 2-3)
Summer (June-July): summer fertilizer + grub control (Steps 4-5)
Fall (September-November): fall fertilizer (Step 6)
Winter (November-January): winter fertilizer (Step 7)

*Nutsedge, fungicide, additional weed treatments applied as-needed, or upon request

Weekly Mowing began March 29 and is dependent on turf conditions. The schedule is often unpredictable in the spring due to rain; however, a regular schedule typically solidifies in mid-May. For your safety, ours and the protection of our equipment, we thank you in advance for picking up lawn debris, toys, hoses, pet waste and any other items not considered mower-friendly.

Monthly bed maintenance began April 1 will continue through September.

Irrigation system start-up and backflow testing: now scheduling start-up appointments with services beginning April 1. A start-up includes: depressurizing the lines, programming the controller, adjusting heads, and a complete run-through of the system to ensure proper operation and coverage. Minor repairs are made the same-day (example: head replacement); major repairs will be scheduled for a later date.

Now – June: Lawn & Landscape Clean-ups:spring clean-ups are priced by man hour and include removal of all lawn debris, shrub trimming, re-spading of landscape bed edges and new mulch. This is a customized service, so please call for a complimentary estimate!

We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you! Questions? Please contact our office Monday – Friday, 9AM – 5PM.