Especially in these uncertain and tumultuous times many people are looking for new hobbies and
more efficient ways to care for their homes and families. Gardening is becoming one of those
expressions. Whether in the city, suburbs or rural communities, there are creative ways to design
and manage a fruitful garden-one that will become a great pastime but will also save you money.

A few tips before you begin your gardening project

1. Know your environment
Choose seed or plants that will flourish in your particular environment- make sure the
climate is conducive for healthy plant growth. Also check the location for each particular
species or type of plant-for instance planting particular plants next to each other encourages
growth or stunts growth depending. The location of morning and afternoon sun is also an
important factor to keep in mind.

Before starting see what kind of plants you want to grow and also pick the right location.
You will have to check the plant packaging and description on the catalog. You will get the
information about the best conditions for sunlight, watering, zones to plant, and more.

2. Using the best strategies for planting
After assessing the factors of the environment, consider the strategies of planting.
Traditionally choosing and preparing a plot in the yard, building raised beds or container
gardening. Container gardening is a lot simpler than ground gardening since you don’t have
to prepare the soil before planting. 

3. Reducing the gardening costs
Do your homework! Take the time to plan your garden to avoid waste and loss of time.
Choosing seeds without proper prep and placement can possibly result in failed growth or
yield. Invest in a reputable and plant appropriate fertilizer in order to avoid damage caused
by unwanted pests or insect infestation.

Remember home gardening will be well worth your time and effort if you start with a well laid plan.
Creating a home garden whether in beds, pots or in your backyard is a great way to spend this
season of social distancing and added family time. Get started planning your garden today!