Make Your Home Beautiful While Conserving Resources and Safeguarding the Environment

At last count, the world population is around 7.7 billion people and the birth rate stands at about 80 million new humans each year. Surely we have to protect and conserve our resources because they won’t last forever.

Water is the staple all living things on earth need to survive, and it is unacceptable to waste it in any manner, and it is difficult to calculate how much exactly is used for landscaping, but we know it’s billions of gallons. We also know that a lot of that water is wasted and there is simply no need for that to happen.

Many homeowners install a sprinkler system and turn it on, not giving thought to how much water is being wasted. It’s estimated that 50% of all water used on residential landscaping is wasted by over-watering and by not properly directing the water in a way where it can be used.

Sustainable Landscaping in Kansas CityRain water is usually allowed to runoff down a storm drain, when it could be directed to provide essential irrigation for plants and grass.

Another serious concern involving irrigation and landscaping is the use of pesticides and the subsequent run-off of contaminated water into the drinking water supply. This is a very serious issue that should be addressed, and can be by professional landscapers.

Sustainable Landscaping in Kansas City

Summertime is crucial for landscapes because many people either forget to properly water their lawns and other vegetation or they over-water. Timing is another crucial element with irrigation because it’s usually not a good idea to water in the middle of the day when the heat can evaporate much of the precious water people spray over their lawns before it can sink into the soil.

If you have an irrigation system in place already, it may just need retrofitting and some enhancements to not only conserve water, but actually make your lawn, bushes, and trees healthier. In the long run you will actually save money.

By the Blade can help you with a master irrigation plan that will include design and maintenance of a new system or an audit of your current one including drainage and water management. Irrigation specialists at By the Blade are available by calling 816-505-0444.