Over Watering and Under Watering can Both Ruin Your Landscaping Investment

If you Google this phrase, “You can never have too much…” the top results to complete the sentence are sky, of a good thing, cheese, and butter. Of course everyone knows you can never have too many good friends.

Some people feel that grass need a lot more water than they really do, and they regret that philosophy when their beautiful lawn gets fungus, mold, insects, and root rot. It’s important to also remember that Mother Nature is watering your lawn, sometimes a lot, sometimes just a little. The average rainfall in the Kansas City are for May is 5.12 inches and a little past the halfway point here in 2019 there have already been 6.10 inches, so it looks like an above average month for precipitation.

Keep in mind that if you have fertilized your lawn (and you should) over watering will likely wash all that fertilizer right away and it will be wasted.

Under watering is also very dangerous for grass, and can cost you the entire lawn if you let it go too far. The first signs that your lawn is too dry are pretty obvious, it turns yellow. Grass also gets a fungus called ascochyta leaf blight which is very dangerous.

People ask us which is worse, under watering or over watering, and believe it or not, the latter is more hazardous to your lawn.

How can you tell if your lawn is getting enough water? When you walk on your grass, see if your footprints remain for several minutes. If they do, you grass is probably too dry.

If you feel the soil under your grass on a day when you haven’t watered and it is damp, even down a few inches from the surface, it’s probably getting too much water.

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