The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is an Asian exotic beetle accidentally introduced into North America within the last 15 years. This invasive pest, now present in our 7-county region, is attacking unprotected ash trees in Missouri by the millions, killing them as they spread. According to the University of Missouri Extension, “counties north of the Missouri River are just days away from peak activity.”

Ash trees become distressed as EAB larvae grow and develop, “disrupting a tree’s ability to move water up from the roots to the leaves and nutrients from the leaves back down to the roots.” The MU Extension reports that an EAB presence combined with this season’s dry conditions could cause infected trees to show signs of stress sooner rather than later.

The good news is that with early detection and regular treatment, it may be possible to protect mature trees from the EAB. If you have ash trees, or unsure if you have ash trees, we are happy to provide a complimentary assessment and consultation. Treatments include bi-annual injections by a professional applicator, the first in late- April to mid-May, or as soon as the trees have leafed out.

Let us help you to determine if your trees are worth saving or should be removed and replaced with suitable hardwood varieties resilient to future new pests.

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