By The Blade is tops when it comes to spring clean-ups with a keen focus on plant and tree health. Why? Think 80/20: 80% preparation and clean-up; 20% mulch. Anyone can put down mulch, but it’s the preparation, attention to debris removal, and quality mulch that elevates us above our competitors.

By The Blade

• Artisan laborers edge all beds by hand to create deep, clean edges.

• Expertly prunes all shrubs & ornamental trees.

• All grasses and perennials cleanly cut, debris removed

• All pruning debris is blown out and hauled away.

• Applies high-quality, dyed mulch by hand at 2-4” thickness.

• Meticulously spreads mulch evenly by hand.

• Old mulch removed and hauled away.

The Other Guy

• Performed by machine to a lesser degree/quality.

• May not know how to prune or how.

• May not do/know what to cut or how.

• May not do/cover debris with mulch.

• Applies a dusting to 2” of mulch over debris.

• Blows in mulch.

• Top dressed, leaving layer upon layer of old mulch that can damage tress and plants.

We think the difference is clear. If you want the best looking yard, choose By The Blade.