Lawn Care Services in Parkville

Tips from One of the Top Lawn Care Services in Parkville on Winterizing Lawn Care Equipment – We are now in the middle of Winter here in Parkville. That means your lawn care equipment is going to be neglected for the next few months as Old Man Winter makes himself comfortable here in the Kansas City area. So, how does the cold weather impact your lawn care equipment? Are things you should be doing to keep your equipment in tip-top shape this Winter?

As one of the top lawn services in Parkville, our team at By The Blade has to take great care of our equipment year-round to ensure it’s ready for Spring. In today’s blog, we’ll be sharing a few tips on how we maintain our equipment during the winter so we can provide high-quality lawn care services in Parkville this March.

Lawn Care Services in Parkville

The Top Lawn Care Services in Parkville Always Drain the Oil

You may think the biggest concern with a tool or mower that sits dormant in the Winter is the fact that it will collect dust. Although that is a concern, there are other more important issues, like what to do with the oil that’s currently inside. When oil sits for an extended period of time, it becomes a sludge-like consistency. This can wreak havoc on the tool or the mower’s engine.

When mowing season comes to an end, you should always drain the oil from the mower, weed eater, blower, or any other tool that contains oil. Be sure to catch the oil in a pan and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner. Some of the top lawn services in Parkville will take their used oil to the nearest hazardous waste facility so that it gets disposed properly.

The Top Lawn Care Services in Parkville Will Replace Any Damaged Parts

Now that most of your lawn care chores are on hold for the next few months, it’s a great time to evaluate your equipment and see what items need maintenance or replaced. Check for simple fixes like loose or missing screws, check your gas cap to ensure the O-ring is still in place, and check all spark plugs to see if they need replaced. Sometimes the spark plugs may just require a light cleaning which can save you from buying new ones.

Taking care of this checklist now will help you get a jumpstart on all your yardwork this Spring.


Lawn Care Services in Parkville

The Top Lawn Care Services in Parkville Will Check All the Filters

Fuel filters play an important role in the efficiency of lawn care equipment. A filthy fuel filter can make a mower engine work harder to draw gas, which also decreases the motor’s lifespan. Not to mention, it will cause your mower to burn gas more rapidly, which means you’ll have to purchase fuel more often.

This Winter, make sure you clean and replace the fuel filters as needed for your lawn care equipment. New and clean fuel filters will improve the lifespan of your motor and its fuel efficiency. If you are not comfortable doing this task yourself, reach out to a Parkville lawn care company to see if they will perform routine maintenance on your equipment.

Lawn Care Services in Parkville

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