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What Projects Can You Do in the Winter? Tips from a Leading Parkville Landscaping Company – It’s January here in Parkville, and that’s not exactly the ideal time for most people to do their lawn and landscaping chores. After all, the grass is either brown and dormant due to the cold weather or it’s completely buried in snow. With no green grass or vibrant plant life to speak of, is there really anything a Parkville landscaping company can do during this time of year?

The answer is YES! There are some tasks and landscaping services in Parkville that can be completed in the months of January and February. So, what are they? That’s what our team at By The Blade is here to tell you about.

Here are some of the top winter landscaping projects according to our Parkville landscaping company:

  • Leaf Removal
  • Transplant Bushes, Shrubs, and Trees
  • Removing Dead Plants

Parkville Landscaping Company

Your Parkville Landscaping Company Can Provide Leaf Removal Services

Most of you are probably asking, “Don’t people rake and remove their leaves in the fall?” In many cases, yes they do. However, there are years when the leaves stay on the trees a little bit longer. Not to mention, sometimes families just get really busy with other activities, and they don’t make time for Fall yardwork. With school being in session, endless activities to get to, and with there being less daylight each day, it’s pretty easy to neglect all those leaves in your yard.

You can always check with your local Parkville landscaping company to see if they provide winter leaf removal services. If not, you will likely have some mild winter days in the future, so take advantage of those when they come. Get your rake out, get your leaf bags ready, and get that Fall project wrapped up in the Winter.

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Your Parkville Landscaping Company Can Transplant Bushes, Shrubs, and Trees

As long as the ground isn’t frozen, there are a few different landscaping projects you can do in the Winter. One includes moving bushes, trees, and shrubs. You can also check to see if your company provides other landscaping services in Parkville, like planting annuals, trimming trees, and raking the soil. By completing these tasks, your Parkville landscaping company can help you get off to a great start this Spring when the weather finally improves.

Parkville Landscaping Company

Your Parkville Landscaping Company Can Remove Dead Plants from Your Property

Unfortunately, our plants have a limited lifespan. They can look vibrant and healthy during the spring, summer, and early Fall; but when the cold weather sets in, most plants will die off quickly. Once it gets too cold for your plants to survive, you will need to have them removed.

If you are limited physically or simply don’t want to deal with the cold weather, reach out to your Parkville landscaping company to see if they offer plant removal services. Some of the top Parkville lawn care services will offer winter labor, like plant removal, snow removal, and Christmas light installation, to keep their employees working during the off-season. These are all valuable services that many clients genuinely appreciate, especially during the cold Winter.

      Parkville Landscaping Company

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