Deciding to install a pool in the backyard is a big step and there are countless options to consider when taking on such a project. Here at By The Blade KC, we have years of landscaping and pool design experience and we want to make the transition as simple as possible. Consider these four basic questions that you may want to ask yourself when thinking about having a pool installed.

1.What is the budget?
A pool design project can become a pricey investment but just remember it is just that-an investment. When it comes to selling your home, the oasis that you create in your yard will leave a great impression! Keep in mind that pool build-outs can easily exceed six-figures and can vary greatly depending upon whether your pool is vinyl, concrete or fiberglass. One must also consider the lawn and landscape design to accent the pool area once it is installed.

2.What is the main purpose of the pool?
Not all pools are created equal. One may be designed for a leisurely float and another for a daily swimming exercise routine. Whether planning to entertain friends or family or desiring to create a serene spa environment, you can choose the style and shape to accommodate.
Kidney, rectangular, L-shaped or infinity, the pool will depend totally on what you see happening most in your outdoor living area..

3. Will children be around the pool?
Safety is an important factor to consider when planning to have a pool installed. Be aware of the risks of visiting or neighboring children accessing the area easily and create safeguards such as a fence with locking gate and pool covers to ensure that your outdoor pool environment is one that induces safety, fun and great memories.

4. Where would be the best place for a pool?
When it comes to choosing a location for a new pool, there may be multiple options to choose from if your house is set on an acre or more. But if you have limited backyard space or an unusually shaped landscape to work with, it may be more difficult to find that perfect location.
Not only do you want to avoid such things as zoning issues and drainage areas but you want to choose the area most conveniently accessible and least likely to be exposed to unwanted elements whether shade, sun or potential falling debris.

Planning a backyard pool installation can be exciting and time consuming but it doesn’t have to totally break the bank or be completely overwhelming. By The Blade KC is your local Kansas City lawn and landscape company ready to assist with knowledge, experience and a reputation for creating beautiful aquascapes and custom pool designs. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.