A Well-Designed Pool and Landscaping Will Enhance Your Quality of Life; add Appeal and Value to Your Home.

For thousands of years people have settled and built cities and civilizations by the water. Cities and towns have been founded along rivers, at the edge of lakes, or by the ocean because water is necessary for life, health, and peace of mind.

Lighting the Naturescape

It is well established that working and living environments have a profound effect on health, and water has a known calming effect. The term “green space” (landscaping) refers to vegetation while “blue spaces”
(pools and spas) are all the visible waters in a place: lakes, rivers, coastal waters, and pools.

By The Blade works with homeowners and property managers to combine green spaces with blue spaces to create beautiful spaces that will provide a space for relaxing, entertaining, and exercising.

The health benefits of swimming are incredible, and many fitness experts consider working out in water to be the perfect exercise.

  1. Swimming builds endurance and improves the lungs.
  2. You get a workout without the sweat.
  3. Swimming is another form of strength training.
  4. Swimming builds bone mass.
  5. Swimming burns tons of calories.
  6. It’s a very low impact exercise.

A well-designed living and entertaining space around your new pool will open up a whole new way to live in your home. People are naturally drawn to sit by the water, eat, read, meditate, and practice yoga by water. You and your family will be breathing more fresh air outside, which is always desirable.

By The Blade begins any outdoor landscape project by speaking with you about your tastes and preferences in color, design, and textures. We build decks and patios based on your personal choice of wood, stone, or natural plants and grasses.

Of course budget is an integral issue when designing a new pool area, and By The Blade is most diligently conscientious of your budget.

In-Ground Pools – Kansas City

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