Here are some Kansas City landscaping trends we think you should know. After all, summer is just around the corner, and it is the perfect time to begin your landscaping KC projects. But, before you start perfecting your lawn for summer 2017, consider these landscaping KC trends.

Kansas City Landscaping Trends You Should Know 

Proactive pollination — This year, since bees are becoming more and more sparse, it may be necessary to pollinate your own yard. Fox News said that people are “planting more nectar-producing plants to naturally attract bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and other pollinators.”

Color blocking – Color blocking doesn’t just apply to fashion; it is also relevant to your lawn and garden. According to Garden Magazine, “A flash of color on a wall, for instance, can frame a row of potted plants or be the artful backdrop to an outdoor sofa.” If you have a colorful rug or porch curtains, you’ve got what you need to color block your way to a stylish outdoor space.

Hygge – Have you heard of Hygge? If not, read this. Hygge is all the rage in decorating, and it’s making its way outdoors. Realtor Magazine stated, “Decorating with light, arranging your seating for close-knit conversations, planting aromatic flowers, and adding water features to encourage mindfulness are a few ways to integrate Hygge into landscapes and to find more enjoyment and fulfillment in outdoor spaces.” Sounds like a recipe for a lovely landscape.

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Landscaping KC Services By The Blade

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