Since winter is the best time of the year to get to work on your trees, we should discuss dormant pruning and its many benefits. Pruning in winter months causes minimal damage, as there are no pathogens floating through the air ready to enter new cuts, nor are there pests waiting to infiltrate.

Additionally, spring is the season in which the tree will heal itself, sealing the wound. Trees are still alive in winter, they are simply dormant and have stored the majority of its nutrients in its roots to survive the cold spell. This is why winter holds the greatest advantage to tree pruning.

A review of any orchard shows that these professionals choose to prune their trees come winter, in order to prepare them for the fruit bearing. Fruit trees should be low to the ground, with an open center so that the fruit can ripen evenly and the fruit can be picked easily. Fruit trees produce most of their fruit on branches at a 30-60-degree angle. Different types of trees can handle different levels of pruning, and when you opt to hire a Kansas City landscaping professional you ensure that your trees are pruned properly.

Trees react to damage, pruning, and other circumstances and proper pruning can trick a tree into believing it is dying. This results in a higher production of seeds, thus the tree produces more fruit than before.

Winter isn’t time to take a vacation from your landscaping Kansas City. Taking the proper steps ensures that you can enjoy your landscape all year ‘round, and benefit from fruitful springs.

It’s easier to make decisions with regards to pruning when there aren’t leaves obscuring the structure of the branches. Having a clear view ensures that the proper branches are removed from trees and plants. Removed injured, diseased, unproductive, or dead wood maintains the overall health of your plant life.

Winter pruning allows Kansas City landscaping professionals to direct or control the growth of a tree or plant. Crossed branches can be removed, as well as the weak branches that frequently lead to broken branches during storms. These broken branches frequently lead to road hazards, and can damage your home.

Additionally, the plant growth can be stimulated in order to produce a denser growth pattern or alternatively, thin it in order to control its growth.

When plants mature they produce more flowers, but of a smaller size. Pruning can improve a plant’s flower set, because by reducing the wood it diverts the plant’s energy into flowering. This may result in fewer flowers, however, they will be much larger. Dormant pruning also promotes the production of colorful stems, or more attractive fruits or berries.

The dormant pruning process doesn’t have to be a chore, you can use a professional Kansas City landscaping service to get the best from your plants and trees.