The fall and winter seasons frequently take us back to our childhoods. Warm memories remind us of hanging lights on chilly evenings and creating holiday displays to impress our neighbors. Not much has changed, we still enjoy revisiting this annual traditional, recreating this joy for our families and passing strangers.

Whether you love decorating for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or all three of them, ‘tis the season! Sure, the holiday season can be frustrating and exhausting as we all scurry to purchase gifts, arrange gatherings, host guests, and decorate the house. Decorating doesn’t have to be a chore, though.

So before you get into your holiday landscaping Kansas City, check out our tips.

First of all, you don’t have to cover every square inch of your home. You want to decorate the areas of your home that are visible to neighbors and guests. Keep that in mind when deciding what areas, you will be decorating. Then pick a style and stick to it.

Whether you choose the traditional decorations, such as reds, greens, and whites along with wreaths and pine cones, or you opt for non-traditional colors such as blues, purples, and oranges- ensure that once you have chosen your style, you are dedicated to pulling it all together. Keep the rest of your decorations consistent with it throughout the theme, and ideally integrate it with your existing landscaping Kansas City.

The earlier you get started the better, because no one wants to deal with slippery ice or wet surfaces while hanging lights or decorating.

Work on the premise that your front door is the focal point, and then incorporate your design around that.

There are five key elements to keep in mind when creating your design.

The roofline- lights along your roofline and gutters provide that traditional look that never goes out of style. It’s a must.

The windows add interest, by creating an additional focal point. You can create a window display directly on the glass, or simply have an indoor scene that is visible.

Lawn décor, whether it is lights or a giant sleigh, can add a great touch, and the additional lighting leads the way to your front door.

Shrubs and trees are the fourth element, but you should select those that offer additional framing of your focal points. Lighting up these trees can provide more balance to your display.

Don’t forget the final element- daytime décor. We all get caught up in creating lighting displays to switch on come sunset, but many of us forget all about what people see during the day. You can create a warm holiday feeling with wreaths, garlands, and festive bows.

With the rising cost of electricity, you can save on your energy bill by choosing LED lighting, which use 80% less power than traditional bulbs while offering a more vibrant, brighter color. Additionally, you should ensure that the extension cords you use are designed for outdoor use and placed in safe areas to prevent tripping hazards.

If you want the beauty of holiday décor, but don’t want to deal with the responsibility, you can always hire Kansas City landscaping professionals to take care of it for you.