At first, you might think the idea sounds ridiculous. Hire someone to maintain your lawn? Why? That’s something you’re perfectly capable of handling yourself. Besides, it’d be way too expensive. Right?

Let’s ignore the numbers for just a moment.

Employing a professional lawn care company offers a large number of advantages to property owners. Using these services saves you a lot of time, especially during the summer season. They can help save as much as two hours of yard work per week, which adds up to a whole extra day of time during the summer. And that’s if you’re just barely keeping up with your yard. If you really “dig in” (so to speak) and work towards a gorgeous lawn free of weeds, crabgrass, etc, you could spent countless hours toiling away instead of enjoying those beautiful summer months.

So that’s the time factor, but what about the cost?

Commercial lawn and landscaping in KC isn’t as costly as it might seem compared to buying and maintaining a riding lawn mower. This is particularly true with full-scale lawn services, which provide specialized services that property owners would have a hard time doing themselves like soil aeration and grass installation.
For example, did you know that you should be maintaining your riding lawn mower (or even your push mower) just as frequently as you do your car? Okay, that might be a bit overboard, but mowers require oil changes, blade sharpenings, and cleanings to ensure that they continue to function properly over time. These costs add up quickly!

Okay sure, you might think, it will save me time and money. But can’t I just let the neighbor kid mow my lawn for $10-$20 a week?

Let me ask you this: Would you let your neighbor kid change the oil in your car? Put a new roof on your house? Repave your driveway?

No, of course not, because all of those jobs require skill level and training – just like professional lawn care.

A lot of companies that offer lawn and landscaping in KC are backed by solid experience and training. In many locations, it’s not unusual to come across professionals with qualifications for turf control and other specialized lawn service fields.

As far as disadvantages, finding the ideal lawn care provider might demand a little extra time and legwork at first. You’ll want to ask them for references, check out their industry reputation, and consider carefully how their services will match your budget.

But the time you’ll save in the end will far outweigh the initial extra work that tracking down the perfect lawn care provider might take.