Lawn Trimming Services

It’s part of the American dream. The two-story house and white picket fence just aren’t complete without a beautifully manicured and landscaped front and back lawn.

We want our children to be able to play barefoot outside. We want to be able to throw a frisbee or football around without worrying about what we’re going to step on. And we want to be the envy of our neighbors as we happily BBQ in the backyard and enjoy a beautiful Saturday while they toil away at their mediocre and half crabgrass filled lawn.

We want the payoff without putting all the hard work into it. Sure, you could spend several hours a day outside working on your lawn and you *might* be able to get it looking somewhat nice. But you won’t have time for anything else.

But this doesn’t mean that a perfectly landscaped lawn isn’t within your reach.
The average US price for full lawn care service ranges from around $50 to $200 per visit, which should include mowing, weeding, pruning, and pest control treatment. Some companies will charge for each visit, whereas others may offer weekly and/or monthly plans.

Commercial lawn services in Kansas City may/should provide:

  • Evaluation: To formulate a treatment package designed to restore & maintain natural beauty.
  • Fertilization: To keep your grass and plants green and vibrant.
  • Pest and weed regulation: Insecticides and herbicides to defend your lawn from bugs & weeds.
  • Add-on services: Soil oxygenation and overseeding services, etc.
  • Of course, you’re already aware that lawn and landscaping services are available, but you might find yourself asking:

Is It Really Worth the Expense to Use Lawn Trimming Services?
Paying for professional lawn services in Kansas City is certainly worthwhile if you lead a busy lifestyle and can’t afford the time to manage it on your own. Lawns need to be cut to an appropriate length of about two to four inches so that they are more resistant to harsh environmental conditions, produce fewer weeds, and are easier to keep hydrated.
The cost of having someone else maintain your yard will vary based on location, and whether or not the property is residential or commercial. In addition, city landscapes are usually more expensive to tend to.

Lawn mowing prices also depend on how often your yard is mowed. If it’s cut too seldom, your yard will be harder and more expensive to maintain. Prices also vary based on total yard area (there may be a minimum charge) and whether or not you want your front yard, back yard, or both cut on a regular basis.

Even though we’re halfway through summer, it’s never too late to get that impeccable lawn you’ve always dreamed of. Becoming the envy of your neighbors is a mere phone call away. . .