That’s right; trees and shrubs, the often overlooked fixtures of your landscape need love too. Between the drought of 2012 and this year’s tough winter, it’s been a rough span for your lawnscape’s trees and shrubs.

In fact, the National Weather Service reports that the Kansas City Metro area is 4 to 5.5 inches under average precipitation in 2014 and experiencing abnormally dry conditions. It’s By The Blade’s opinion, most lawnscapes haven’t ever fully recovered from the 2012 drought.

Deterioration Details About Trees and Shrubs

These environmental difficulties are especially tough on recent plantings and Evergreen Tree varieties. In the winter, their root balls freeze which inhibits the needed water and nutrients from reaching their tips. Compound lack of moisture with wind and afternoon sun, they struggle to recover.

How To Take Action

If you’re not on one of By the Blade’s Total Exterior Management Programs, we recommend giving them a good long drink at the base of their trunk. Use a water hose with a pencil size stream, for one hour, once a week, during peak heat.


You may also consider fertilizing trees and shrubs with a root stimulator once a month until they rebound. Grass Pad in Missouri and Kansas carries several options we like. Typically, depending on species, you mix a cup stimulator with 5 gallons of water and pour near the base of your larger plantings once a month. They also sell Miloganite, a nitrogen fertilizer we like, for smaller plants and shrubs. Move the rock or mulch back from the base, applying a cup full every three to four weeks will do the trick. Don’t forget to move the rock or mulch back once complete.

Further Assistance

If you have plants you consider beyond repair or outside your maintenance skill set; feel free to give By The Blade a call for an assessment or replacement. We’ll be glad to help.