Once upon a time strategic water management was only available to the largest commercial properties — and it cost big. However recent advancements make these same irrigation systems available to residential properties at a fraction of the price, today.

By The Blade is proud to offer a new line of irrigation technology products by Weathermatic. These cloud based, weather station equipped controllers are designed to save you money, while practicing good stewardship of our planet’s most valuable resource.

Irrigation Features

Integrating seamlessly with your existing irrigation system, Weathermatic’s Smartline Controllers and Wireless Weather Stations connect to the internet and your property for calculation of multiple data points, including the National Weather Service, to deliver a real-time assessment of your lawnscapes watering needs. Adjusting the duration, frequency, and soak time based on plant and soil type during season.


There are now over 200,000 Smartline controllers in operation across the globe and users are reporting a reduction of 25%-75% in water usage based on location, plantings and climate. Any way you spray it that cost savings fills up fast.

Added Value

Finally, one of the coolest benefits is everything’s controlled from your phone or tablet device. If you’re in Europe or your back yard, you have the reins, making complex irrigation management simple, affordable and accessible. Also, if an irrigation head malfunctions or a line springs a leak By The Blade is sent a service alert immediately for repair. This one simple function could save hundreds of gallons of water per instance.


If you think your irrigation system isn’t working hard enough to save you money, contact our team of Outdoor Ambassadors at By The Blade to help evaluate a full line of options for your property. You may find out this easy upgrade could pay for itself in a single season.