Sunday is an important day. It marks the end of this year’s 45th Annual Symphony Designers Showhouse.

For the past three years, By The Blade has been awarded the honor of providing the landscape design for this noble charity event. It has afforded us the opportunity to make new friends, new memories, and bring joy to the many who have attended. When it draws to a close on Sunday, we’ll say a fond farewell. For us, it’s a bit like that moment when your child proudly crosses the stage, beaming, to accept their diploma, or a father walks his daughter down the isle, but knows a new journey is ahead.

Family Dynamics

At By The Blade, we are a family owned company. One where family plays a vital role in daily decisions of transforming the outdoors into living extensions of your family’s gathering space.

The 45th Annual Symphony Designers’ Showhouse and its landscape design is a shining example. In a way, we are parents to the outdoor environs we create. They’re our babies. We pour our heart and soul into them. Carefully looking over them. Shaping them. Caring for them. Watching them grow. We make scores of choices from outside influences that shape what we create for others to enjoy.

Inspired Landscape Design

As we celebrate great design and all the selfless thoughts and actions behind this charity event, please share a moment with our Design Ambassador, Bryant Schmidt (a.k.a. Smitty) on what inspired this years award winning “Symphony of Color”.

We think his words will lend deeper appreciation to this stunning landscape design if you make time to visit this year’s Symphony Designers’ Showhouse.


By The Blade would like to extend our deepest appreciation to everyone who attended this year. You have made this year one of the best in history. To the hundreds of volunteers at the Kansas City Symphony Alliance, who work tirelessly each year to make this event happen, we give you a standing ovation.

The Symphony Designers’ Showhouse is produced annually for the sole benefit of one of our city’s premier artistic institutions — The Kansas City Symphony.