The best winter trends for outdoor living spaces combine function, beauty, and a healthy respect for the elements. These popular winter trends in the Midwest will keep you and your family comfortable all year-round and allow you to enjoy your outdoor space, whether it’s sunny or chilly outside.

A Cozy Fire Pit

A cozy fire pit will keep you toasty warm all winter long and also add an inviting element to your backyard. The best part about fire pits is that you can incorporate them into your existing design or craft them in any way that you would like to reflect your taste. Make your fire pit out of decorative stone and set up benches around it for a welcoming feature that all of your neighbors will want to flock to, regardless of how chilly it is outside.

Keep Out The Elements

One of the most logical ways to revamp your outdoor living space to suit winter trends in the Midwest is to keep out the elements through artfully placed motorized blinds or another barrier. You can get very creative with this and play with colors and textures to really enhance your space and make a warm outdoor oasis during even the coldest months of the year.

Rethink Your Summer Furniture

Summer furniture usually reflects the breezy, balmy days of the warmer months, but that’s no reason to put it away once the mercury starts dropping. Summer furniture can be easily converted to all-weather furnishing simply by changing up the materials on it. Put out some cozy cushions and pillows for your guests, and don’t forget the blankets.

These types of furnishings are especially good for setting out around your fire pit, where you can celebrate fellowship and fun while staying fully bundled up. There are plenty of options to choose from, so you can match your existing color scheme and design preferences. Make sure that you get cushions, pillow covers, and blankets that are removable and washable so you can bring them in during bad weather. There are plenty of winter trends for outdoor living spaces that will keep your outdoor area looking chic all year round.