It is vital to keep your yard clean and attractive. It will not only make your home look more attractive, but create a conducive place for your children to play, or become a backdrop for your barbecues.
When the lawn is invaded with pest, weed, and diseases, it won’t have the same look you expect. However, you don’t need to worry as these lawn problems have got solutions to return it to the state you wanted.

1. Weeds
There are different types of weeds, and when they invade the lawn, they would want to overtake the grass, competing for water and essential nutrients. Such a scenario would most occur when you do not attend to the lawn often.

Eliminate the weed by often mowing with a sharp blade.
Use fertilizers that don’t encourage weed growth or hire lawn services Kansas City from Bytheblade.
Get rainfall measurements in your region and supplement when it is insufficient.

2. Bare Spots
Weeds are likely to invade your lawn when it has dirt patches. These patches can be caused by diseases invading the lawn, or heavy foot traffic.

Till the spot and rake to remove the weed and surrounding areas.
Hire Bytheblade to apply the blend on the infected areas, and we will offer you other landscaping services in Kansas City.

3. Patchy Slope
Since it is hard to cultivate grass on a slope, they can grow in patches as some are swept away due to erosion. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the grass gets its roots more in-depth in the soil.

You will need to find the right grass type for the region that you live in. It would be stressing the grass when you plant a shade-tolerant one in a sunny region.

4. Suspicious Holes
When your lawn is infested with grub, critters such as raccoons would be digging, causing damage to the lawn. Unattended grubs can also infest the entire lawn making it have a bad look.

Use insecticides to kill grubs. When the damage is extensive, get lawn services Kansas City from Bytheblade to remove the entire lawn and reseed.

5. Moss
Moss would quickly overtake your lawn, and this happens when the grass is compact, wet, and under-fertilized.

Prune trees on your lawn and monitor pH and water supply to the grass.

6. Thinning grass
The grass on your lawn would be a poor choice of grass or lousy soil.

Over-seeding using the appropriate grass type which can be provided by Bytheblade’s landscaping services in Kansas City

7. Light Rings
Unsightly spots of grass growing near mushroom patches

Remove the spots and plant a new seed that is appropriate for your region.

8. Non-uniform growth in shade
Since most grass seeds don’t like shady regions, uneven growth can occur.

Prune trees correctly and often, and find shade-tolerant grass type.

9. Pest Damage
Cats and dogs can urinate on the grass, making it have a brown appearance.

Remove the affected areas and add topsoil before you reseed.

10. Rusts
Fungal spores infestation, making the grass to have a brown or orange appearance.

Good lawn care habits involving annual aeration and mowing regularly and other landscaping services in Kansas City.