If you want to begin to take care of your lawn and keep it healthy and looking fresh, using fertilizer may be your best option. It may seem like a daunting task, but actually it is very simple.

On average it should only take you about 20 to 30 minutes to properly fertilize your lawn.

However, there are a few lawn fertilizing tips you may want to look out for when caring for your yard.
Below are a few tips put together by Kansas City Lawn Services to properly fertilize your front and back yard lawn.

1. Soil Testing
Though the actual act of fertilizing your lawn is very simple and relatively quick, you’ll want to do some preparation before you begin. The best way to prepare your lawn for fertilization is to first test its soil.

You can do this by taking five to ten different samples of soil from your lawn. Make sure there is no excess turf in your samples.

You will then want to use a soil tester that you can obtain at any gardening store. This helps you to know exactly what your lawn really needs for proper fertilization.

You can also have your local garden center test the soil for you. Their testing equipment may be a little more accurate than your at-home kit. Also, Kansas City Lawn Services can point you in the right direction on where to find these kits.

Here are a couple of things that your test results will show you.
– Phosphorus levels
– Nitrogen levels
– Potassium levels
– pH levels

This will give you a good idea of what the fertilizer really needs. Each fertilizer substance can be rich or poor in all three of the nutrients listed above. You can then find a fertilizer that fits your lawn’s specific needs.

When looking at pH levels, if the soil pH levels are low you will need lime in your fertilizer to increase those levels. If they are high you will need sulfur in your fertilizer to decrease those levels.

2. Use the Right Amount of Fertilizer
The second factor in our lawn fertilizing tips is using proper amounts. Typically, people use way too much fertilizer when trying to take care of their lawns. They not only put too much fertilizer when they are gardening, but they also do it too frequently during the year. You may only want to fertilize three to four times a year.

Applying too much fertilizer will actually grow what’s called thatch which will, after a certain period of time, choke out your existing grass. Also, your grass will grow way too fast and will cause you to have to mow more often than needed.

You will want to use about two to three pounds of fertilizer per 100 square foot of yard.

3. Pick the Right Time to Fertilize

Once a Year
September is one of the best times to fertilize your lawn if you haven’t fertilized it all year. It is right around the time when your lawn will take the most damage from the winter months. You will need as many nutrients in the ground before that time comes.

Twice a Year
If you are fertilizing twice a year, start in January for your first feeding. Your second feeding should then be in October. The January feeding will get it through the first part of the year and the October feeding will create a buffer against the wintry months.

Three to Four Times a Year
If you feel you need more than two feedings, only go to three or four times a year. You can fit in these extra fertilizing times at the end of spring and at the end of summer.

Following these guidelines will ensure that you are getting the right nutrients that your specific lawn needs, the right amount of fertilizer and that you are fertilizing at the right times.