Maintaining a perfect and neat lawn can be challenging, especially to people who work many hours a day. You need a professional by your side to ensure a clean and well-maintained lawn.
If you prefer to do it yourself, here are some lawn maintenance tips that will help you with our lawn care.

1. Maintain Proper Drainage
One cause of a problematic and not so good looking lawn is lousy drainage. It not only affects how your lawn looks but also the health of the plants in it. You can try changing up the nature of the soils to reduce water retention.

You can also make some furrows by the side of your lawn or even install gutters to direct water away.

2. Mow Regularly
Mowing at least once a week during summer and twice during winter, autumn, and sprig can improve the grass’s root development. That will ensure that there are no patches that have no grass on them and reduce the growth of weeds.

Make sure that during summer, you leave the grass a bit longer. That will keep it from browning due to the hot weather. It is also essential for you not to mow the lawn if it is wet because that can inhibit the growth of healthy grass.

Having a well-maintained mower is very important in the maintenance of your lawn.

3. Water And Feed Regularly
Maintaining the health of your lawn requires that you water ad feed your grass often. Watering depends on the weather conditions and the type of soil on your lawn. It is advised to use rainwater instead of tap water as it contains no chemicals.

Also, use sprinklers or a tool that will not cause heavy splashing on the lawn to maintain your grass’s strength. When feeding your lawn, it is also essential that you consider what season it is.
During spring, it is best if you used a feed rich in nitrogen. In autumn, a feed rich in potash and phosphate is best. Lawn care experts advise that you should feed your lawn twice annually.

4. Weeding
One of the major things that cause deterioration of your lawn’s health is the growth of weed. The competition of nutrients between the grass and weeds can lead to weak or even dead grass. To prevent that, it is essential that you continuously weed your lawn.

It is discouraged to use weed-killing chemicals as they might affect the health of the grass too.

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