The best time of year to ensure your yard is beautiful all year long is the fall. Our Chief Ambassador of Outdoor Living, Patrick Vogt, recently joined Fox 4 to share 8 do-it-yourself steps that will help make your yard the best on the block. Of course, if you’d rather stay inside and watch football, By The Blade would be happy to take care of this for you.

Lawn Renovation

  • STEP 1 – verticut in one direction
  • STEP 2 – rake up debris
  • STEP 3 – mow short
  • STEP 4 – spread seed
  • STEP 5 – aerate, if possible
  • STEP 6 – verticut in the opposite direction
  • STEP 7 – apply starter fertilizer
  • STEP 8 – keep seed moist

Why such a long list? Our region’s compacted, clay soils drive the need for aeration. Aeration helps to deliver air, water and nutrients to the soil to build a strong root system. Building a strong root system in the fall is essential to growing a healthy, lush lawn in the spring.

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