Every lawn has its own unique problems and solutions. That’s because every lawn has different types of grasses and its own micro-climate and environment in which it grows. No two lawns are really the same, so it can take some time to develop a cheat sheet just for your lawn care, Kansas City (KC). Knowing a bit more about KC lawn and landscaping can really help. Professionals in the know will help you develop a cheat sheet by understanding:

What Grass You’re Growing – Is it Bermuda or some other type of grass? Is it suitable for your area? What are the requirements to keep your grass healthy?

Soil Quality – What soil is predominant in your area? What nutrients does the soil need to make the grass grow the best? When should these soil amendments be put in to make sure that they work their magic in time for spring?

Pest Control – What pests are affecting your lawn maintenance? Are there chemicals or organic ways to treat pests on your lawn to help keep the insect population from destroying your hard work? How often should you treat your lawn for pests?

Seeding, Fertilizing, and Aerating – When is the best time to fertilize your lawn? How can you treat bald or brown spots by reseeding? Should you aerate your lawn?

Weed Treatment – What is growing in your lawn that shouldn’t be there and why? What is the proper treatment to remove these offending weeds? If you don’t treat weeds early, they can literally take over a lawn in a season. Then, it can be too late to save it without re-sodding or reseeding.

Mowing – Don’t get the lawn get too high or it can be difficult to cut. When you opt for a professional lawn care company for Kansas City landscaping needs, they will set up a schedule to come out and cut it as often as is needed, even when you’re not home.

While your local professional can help you to understand your lawn better, it’s up to you to do the watering on a regular schedule. However, by opting to have professionals review your lawn and landscaping KC needs, you’ll be able to keep it green and healthy without too much fuss and bother.