This is the time of year when “green” all of a sudden becomes EVERYONE’S favorite color. It was a rough and long winter – especially on our lawns and landscapes. Here are a few things that need to be taken care of now to ensure a beautiful spring and summer for you and your family. Of course, if you are on one of our Lawn Services or Irrigation System programs, cast your worries aside.

  • Cleanup. Dead grass accumulates during the winter, resulting in what we call thatch (clumps of dead blades, stems, etc). Clear out this and other debris to allow for fresh, new growth. Take care of this as soon as possible, keep your grass mowed short at 2” and bag it so that new grasses have plenty of time to sprout and flourish.
  • Seed & Fertilize. Winter depletes the soil in your yard as dormant grasses feed on it throughout the season. In order to ensure a vibrant, green lawn throughout the summer, replenish by reseeding shaded areas and using with the best fertilizers in early spring. Also, not all fertilizers are alike. A polymer pearl treatment will actually change the chemistry of the soil to increase healthy microbials.
  • Restore. It’s been a few months since your lawn has been cared for regularly, so give it the VIP treatment. Check for any diseases that have developed over the winter. Head off seasonal weeds with pre-emergents. Be sure to treat for grubs and other insects. Aerate if your lawn is looking beaten in, or compacted.

A little tune-up in your lawn now will pay big dividends all year long. Of course, that effort is wasted without good watering. Just like your lawn needs attention, so too does your irrigation system.

  • Back flow tests
  • Submitting of verification or certification to your local water department
  • Check all irrigation heads for proper function
  • Reset irrigation controller
  • Check system for any leaks
  • Set watering schedule

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