As this fall season is quickly settling upon us, here is our comprehensive list of fall lawn chores to keep your yard protected from winter damage while simultaneously prepping it for a fruitful next growing season. Follow these tips to get ready for this landscaping off-season.

  1. Groom your lawn.

Before the lawn is covered with winter snow for weeks at a time, give it a good grooming. This means raking and removing leaves and other fall debris. Generous amounts of grass seed should be applied on any bare spots that may be emerging. Seed should be watered thoroughly, and kept moist daily for about three weeks. Skip mowing for 10 to 14 days.

  1. Plant new shrubs and trees.

Fall is the best time of year to plant shrubs and trees. The soil is still warm enough to promote root development while the weather is cooling down. Newly planted trees and shrubs should be regularly watered until the ground freezes to ensure they get a good start before going dormant during the winter.

  1. Fertilize now for a healthy spring season.

Want your lawn to be healthy, green and relatively weed-free in spring? Fall is the most important time to fertilize. Slow-release winterizing fertilizers feed grass all winter long. Spreaders should be used to apply an even layer of fertilizer over the entire lawn for pre-winter prep.

  1. Cut it short.

As long as your lawn is still growing, keep mowing! Do this into the fall to keep the grass healthy, strong, and well-fed as it gears up for the coming colder temperatures. When it is time for the last mow of the season, the turf should be cut down to around 1.5 inches. Shorter grass resists matting. This better prepares your grass to resist disease and damage from ice and snow.

  1. Stow summer supplies.

It’s best to store outdoor patio furniture in a shed or garage during the cold months. Metal, wicker, patio umbrellas, and cloth seat cushions don’t hold up well to the extremes of precipitation and temperature the winter brings. Clean gardening tools before placing them back in storage, preparing them for spring. After the last mowing, be sure to empty gas and oil from leaf blowers, lawn mowers, and trimmers.

To learn more about the best care for your lawn during this fall season, call your local Kansas City Lawn Care company, By the Blade KC!