It’s time to prepare irrigation systems for Old Man Winter. Long periods of freezing
temperatures can cause the soil to freeze at the same depth as underground pipes. To avoid
costly repairs come spring, it’s important to shut off the main valve and disable the controller,
drain the pipes and insulate the backflow preventer.

Even when a system has been turned off at the controller, water still remains in the pipe, valves
and heads, especially at low-lying areas, until compressed air is used to blow it out. Our shut-
down service includes a compressed air blow-out.

Now is the time to protect and prepare. A sprinkler system winterized by a professional is
relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of freeze repairs. We’ll be reaching out to schedule
this preventative maintenance service, but if you have a preferred date/time in mind, please
give us a call: 816.505.0444.

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