Create an outdoor retreat that calls for peace and relaxation.

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Exteriors of the KC Designer Showhouse

Your outdoor environment is an extension of your indoor living space. Whether making your yard a welcome spot for family and friends or simply making a serene getaway for the end of a long day, Kansas City landscaping can help you make your landscaping dreams come true.

Here are just a few benefits to hiring Kansas City landscaping:

Grass and Trees Lower the Temperature

Compare the temperature it to a backyard with bare soil, cement, or asphalt. A home surrounded by well-maintained grass may not need as much air conditioning. Imagine the possibilities with the extra money!

Having a hard time imagining it? Think about what it’s like to walk around downtown Kansas City on the hottest summer days, or trying to walk back to your car as it sits on the hot asphalt of the parking lot–or how much better it feels if you managed to park under the shade.

Landscapes are Good for the Environment

Trees and grass can lower the ambient temperature of the nearby environment, but did you know they’re also working hard to remove local carbon dioxide, as well as smoke and dust particles and producing oxygen?

Try this on for size: Just one tree can remove as much as 26 pounds of carbon dioxide annually, which is as good as canceling out 11,000 of one car’s driving emissions! In other words, adding trees and grass is an excellent way to help protect the earth.

When storm season kicks in, the lush landscapes also work in your favor here. They function like buffers, ultimately resulting in reduced pollutants in nearby bodies of water. Simply put, plants filter the gross parts out of the water as it travels toward Kansas City’s source of drinking water.