There’s nothing quite as soul soothing as the fresh aromatic scent of a Douglas Fir or Scotch Pine at the holidays. Once again, we are bringing seasonal Outdoor Living into our clients’ homes with our convenient Christmas tree services.

Did you know that Christmas trees are grown in all 50 states? According to the Department of Agriculture, almost all trees sold in the United States are grown here, with an average of 30 million real trees sold each year. Not only do these trees help employ U.S. workers, keep our air clean and provide habitats for wildlife, but also for every tree cut down, two trees are planted in its place come Spring.


Unlike artificial trees made of non-recyclable, non-biodegradable PVC plastic, our real trees make your home smell terrific throughout the holiday season! We collect them for you after the holidays and take them to local lakes where they are used to create fish habitats.

Relax and let us check this item off your bustling holiday to-do list! We are taking orders now for Fraser and Douglas Firs or Scotch Pines. Trees are delivered following Thanksgiving and picked up after the New Year at your convenience, or by special request. Contact us now, but no later than October 31, for the best selection of tree variety, desired height and pricing. Let us help you to continue or start a new family holiday tradition!