This year we started a fresh tradition by bringing some seasonal Outdoor Living into our clients’ homes with our Christmas tree services. So we thought it’d be fun to share a little bit of history that actually hits pretty close to home. Read on and I’ll explain.

In ancient times, trees and plants that stayed green through the winter held special meaning throughout the world. Some people placed evergreen boughs over doors and windows to protect their homes from disease, and even from ghosts and witches. Early Romans and Egyptians used evergreens to honor their respective gods as they celebrated the solstice. Celtic Druids decorated their temples with evergreen boughs to symbolize everlasting life.  

Interestingly, it was Germany who began the Christmas tree custom in the 16th century, when devout Christians began bringing decorated evergreen trees inside. Although it took a couple of centuries to catch on in America, now it’s a widely celebrated tradition that fits perfectly with By The Blade’s mission. Being able to enjoy the fresh, aromatic scent of a Fraser Fir or Scotch Pine when most of the other plants and trees have gone dormant for the season, is incredibly soul soothing.

I’ve always felt a strong calling to help others enjoy nature both indoors and of course, in our special outdoor spaces. Maybe it comes from the German heritage behind my last name. Regardless, I’m honored to be your Chief Ambassador of Outdoor Living, and wish you a Merry Christmas filled with nature’s blessings.

– Patrick