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Your Ambassadors of Outdoor Living

Recently a client shared an interesting article with our Landscape Manager, AJ Heath. It was written by a gardener at Yale, and discussed the relationship between white grubs and fallen leaves. AJ’s response? “Thanks, this gave me a chuckle since we’ve always done what seems to have taken years of experiments at Yale to validate. It’s good to know science finally caught up with us though.”

A natural defense against grubs

We all know grubs are very hard on grass, and while proper application of pesticides can be a solution, did you know that mowing and mulching leaves back into your soil is another effective way to combat grubs? Not only does leaf mulch nourish the soil for earthworms as well as beneficial microbial insects, but as it breaks down it promotes a fungus containing mycelium. And it just happens that mycelium is not harmful to grass but is toxic to grubs.

So, instead of spending every weekend raking and removing all your leaves this autumn, think about recycling some of them back into the soil. Your lawn and your arms will be grateful.