A Favorite Holiday Tradition

Decorating the tree is a favorite holiday tradition, especially for the kids. And nothing compares to coming home and being greeted by the scent of a fresh evergreen. Not to mention the fact that when grown and harvested properly, fresh trees are better for the environment.

Fresh Christmas Trees without the Hassle

But nowadays, it seems as if the time and effort involved in picking out and cutting the right tree, hauling it back to the house, and then trying to get it indoors and set up securely, can quickly overshadow the joys of a fresh Christmas tree. So as your Ambassadors of Outdoor Living, we decided to start our own custom this year with fresh tree delivery and pickup service.

We’ll deliver it and recycle it at season’s end

Choose from Fraser, Balsam, and Douglas Firs, or from Scotch or White Pines, of nearly any height — all you have to do is tell us your preference. We’ll deliver your freshly cut tree, and even trim the bottom and set it up in the space you’ve prepared for it. Then at season’s end, after you’ve taken down the decorations, we’ll come and recycle the tree for you.

Order by Thanksgiving

We’ll be taking orders until Thanksgiving, so contact By The Blade today for details and pricing at (816) 533-4420. Let us shoulder the hassle, so you can remain true to a long-standing family tradition, or perhaps begin one anew, and enjoy every moment.