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When Sally’s husband Dick landed a new time-consuming executive position, the two of them knew it was time to find a lawn service provider. So Dick walked into the local Grass Pad and asked, “Does anyone here know a good person to mow my lawn?” One of the employees pointed to a 16-year-old kid. “He has a lawn service.”

So began one of the longer-running local relationships in the business. Patrick, now the Chief Ambassador of Outdoor Living at By The Blade Lawn and Landscape, may not be 16 anymore, but he still offers renown service, and has taken care of this family’s lawnscaping need for the 18 years since.

Always There For You

“Patrick was always there for you,” says Sally. “He used to say, ‘I care as much about your lawn as you do.’” When Patrick mowed their lawn for the first time, she recounts, he was not happy with the result, and offered to get another lawn mower to try again. Sally knew what the problem was, though: the lawn had just been put in and the sod was still rough. Patrick hung in there, and things started looking a lot better very soon.

One year there was a major snowstorm, and Sally was in bed for the night. Suddenly she heard a strange noise outside, and ran to the front bedroom to look through the window. There was Patrick, with his truck and his plow, clearing her driveway. “It was the middle of the night!” says Sally. Patrick had not been able to get through all day because of the snow, but Sally was glad to see him.

“I like a neat yard,” says Sally, an avid reader and a former schoolteacher. “If I see a weed out there, I’m the kind of person who will go and dig it up.” It’s this obsession that kept Sally coming back to By The Blade year after year for their careful lawn service. Her needs grew over the years, and so did the scope of services that By The Blade offered. But the same basic perfectionist philosophy has never changed.

Lawn Service Makes For A Quick Sale

After moving to condo-style living three weeks ago, Sally had this to say: “The one consistent positive comment I received from realtors while my house was on the market was how beautifully the lawn was cared for. I owe the quick sale to you. I am grateful.”

We are grateful to you too, Sally, for your many years of loyal support and allowing us the opportunity to provide you with our best landscaping and lawn service. All the best with your move, and we hope we can continue to find ways to connect you with Outdoor Living as it was meant to be.