Water features are sometimes ignored and not maintained. If neglected, water features at your beautiful home may require professional help to restore. Here are a few tips that you can incorporate to keep your water features running smoothly.

Please note that these are the general tips and not a professional solution.

Stagnant water can become unhealthy. Neglected water features at your home can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and cause more trouble than anticipated.

Keep Water Features in a Healthy State

Every water feature that you have in your home, be it the swimming pool or aquascape needs regular care.

Wet to Dry

If possible, clean out the system seasonally until the water features are completely dry. This will ensure that no further maintenance is required and there is no stagnant or unfiltered water to cause trouble during seasons that you do not want to use or run.

Check the Filtration Apparatus

Every water feature has its own water pumps and filtration systems. Check preventive maintenance tips or ask your service company to provide a maintenance schedule for you.

Fountains, Bird Baths, Coy Ponds, Sprinkler Systems, Pools, Waterfalls and even ponds all have something in common to maintain healthy water systems which is movement. Aerators, pumps and power sources need to be regularly cleaned, and sometimes replaced.

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